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How to improve your essay score consistently

The end product of the contemplation on the process of writing by Bagnold, “To note, to pin down, to build up, to create, to be astonished at nothing, to cherish the oddities, to let nothing go down the drain, to make something, to make a great flower out of life, even if it’s a cactus” is enough to prove that writing is not an easy process because it acts like a cobweb on the writer and it is difficult to get rid of the same. Why instructors consider some students and the creamy upper layer of their classes? Why they get all the attention from instructors, the same expected to be shared among the student community as a whole? Is this to be considered as partiality or as a challenge to improve one’s essay score within no time? Totally confused, isn’t it?

Don’t panic, there are several ways to deal with the problem of less improvement in essay scores. First of all, try to realize that clearly and logically aligned words in sentences are the key factor behind the success of a student who scores high grades and enjoys the limelight of success in every class. Then, try to take steps to practice one to make of top scoring essay. How to do this? Undertake the initiative to identify the errors in the last essay and rewrite the same. Follow the steps adopted by the ‘eminent essayists’ in the classroom environment. It is not that much bad to revise an essay because revision is the part of essay-writing. During writing or revising an essay, one can add evidences and examples to support the claim or the central argument. To be specific, there must a variety of examples in essays, but with excellent logical structure in a nutshell.

Insofar, active usage of creativity while answering a question can help to improve an essay, but the writer must be ready to follow the instructions and guidelines put forth by the instructors. It is difficult to improve one’s writing without diagnosing and identifying the real problem behind less success in improving the essay score in a consistent way. One among the essential steps to complete an essay is to take enough time to plan one’s main points to be included in the proposed essay, or, just try to have helping hands from custom essay writing service providers. If the points are difficult to describe, discard the same and search for other points. Similarly, mastery over vocabulary determines the readability and acceptability of an essay. Students can seek advice from experts because essay writing practice is not a watertight compartment with less accessibility. Some students memorize and adopt persuasive essay-writing techniques in their essays and this is generally considered as the second step after following the general instructions provided by the teacher. So, the aforementioned ideas can help a student to keep the essay organized and to improve the essay score in a consistent manner with ease, thanks.

1) Practice yourself to make a top scoring essay:

The words, “If you don't practice you don't deserve to win” by the world renowned veteran Tennis player Andre Agassi proves that daily practice is the integral part of success. When this idea is examined in the light of essay-writing, it is evident that practice is a routine work for those who consider success as the byproduct of practice. Most students usually consider essay-writing as a monotonous job aiming to steal time and energy from them. Most students are not aware of the fact that they too can prepare top scoring essays. If the go beyond their limits, they also can surprise their instructors and classmates by unmasking their creativity in the form of writing. Within this scenario, they are supposed to think from the reader’s perspective because readers (here, instructors) are waiting for innovation added with creativity. If they notice abovementioned elements in their students’ essay, they will not show any hesitation to award good grades, for sure.

Then, how to prepare a top scoring essay with less time? The first rule is to choose a question or theme; entirely different from other students did choose. This tactics can help a student to be different from others because similar themes and less difference in treatment of the same can distract the instructor to go deeper into the core aspects of the essay. There is no need to compose an essay in a complex way because complexity kills interest and distracts the readers. One can see that instructors look for clearer structure and how the writer treats the central theme. Still, the aforementioned ideas may not be enough to score high because almost all the students follow similar ideas while preparing their essays. Being original and the attempt to link the central theme with the syllabus can help a student’s essay to be different from other essays.

Instructors expect all students to follow the guidelines prepared and shared by them. This can help a student to have average and above average grades. Those who are trying to score high must follow all the guidelines and go beyond the same by assessing the central theme from different angles. For instance, students can make use of data and quotes by eminent writers and researchers in the respective field in the proposed essay. This can be helpful to provide a tint of technical perfection to the proposed essay. To be specific, portrayal of unique ideas in unique colors can elevate the face-value of a normal essay. This can be easily achieved during proofreading because students can add more points and its description during proofreading. In fact, following up the aforementioned ideas, added with daily practice can help students in preparing essays capable to score high grades.

2) Take these steps to revise your essay into a Masterpiece:

Eminent writers consider revision as an opportunity to improve one’s skill in writing, as “After I've sent my revised draft to my agent and editor, they suggest more improvements and again, this revision phase can take anywhere from a few hours to a few months” by Margaret Haddix. On the other side, students consider multiple revisions as ‘sharp gravel inside their shoe’. If renowned writers show interest to revise their completed works, why do not the students? Still, workload can hinder students from going through their completed works and revise the same accordingly. When 3 or 4 teachers assign different assignments at a time and ask the student to complete the same in limited time, the student’s attention will be fully concentrated upon the process of writing. After completing the papers, students tend to hand over the same to their teachers because it is deadly to cross the deadline. So, revision becomes a nightmare to a student in general.

When an instructor asks to revise a paper, the student is expected to identify the area to be revised and take remedial measures to rectify the same. If not, the student will get entangled in further revisions and it will affect his or her studies. Going through the revision requirements and taking notes on the same can help the student to plan the process of revision. It is essential to go through the ‘to be revised’ work as a whole. This step can help the student to have clear cut idea on the proposed revision. Those who consider revision as a serious matter takes notes related to the revision instructions. For instance, students can transcribe the main points and mark the same in the areas to be revised. This idea can save time and energy because it is difficult to start revision without any preplanning.

It is better to delete the areas to be revised, but by having vague idea on word count and the points to be expanded. If the teacher asks to discard some areas from the paper, it is better to follow the instruction and search for some other ideas. Never try to brood over the trodden paths of web search because revision proves that the last way the student did choose proved to be ineffective. So, it better to change keywords and start a fresh search and take points. Some revisions may require minute changes and it is easier to deal with them same. On the other side, some revisions may be serious, for instance, to change almost all the areas of the completed paper. Within this scenario, it is better to discard the competed paper and provide the teacher with a new outline for the proposed revised paper. If the paper consists of 2-3 pages, to revise a completed paper and get entangled in multiple revisions is foolish, but it is better to make use of some ideas from the same. The aforementioned ideas can prove helpful to students to revise their essays and transform the same into masterpieces, thanks.

3) Adding evidences and examples to support the answer:

To add evidences to a piece of writing is similar to the process of adding apt edible ingredients into a food item, but in right proportion. If the ingredients are not added in right proportion, those who are supposed to consume the proposed food item may hesitate to consume. On the other side, lack of evidence and overuse of evidence in a proposed piece of writing creates several problems related to readability and acceptability. Mere evidences without adding detailed or short description cannot be considered as a proportionately aligned piece of writing. So, it is essential to add evidences in a work, but it must not exceed its scope. First of all, the writer or student must be very careful while collecting evidences for an essay or similar piece of writing.

If it is expected to be in the form of a report, students can add more facts and evidences, no problem. Student must make sure that the evidences collected for the successful completion of the proposed writing is relevant to the context. If not, irrelevant evidences or facts may prove to be less useful for the writer. Student can take notes on the proposed evidences/facts and collect the same for future use in proposed writings. It is not advised to collect evidences from single source, but from different sources of information. For instance, students can make use of school/college library databases to collect evidences to support their own arguments. There is no need to use evidences in a piece of writing with less importance to prove something related to the subject matter under discussion. Instead, student is expected to value the worth of the piece of writing and decide whether evidences and examples are to be used or not.

Similarly, examples are used to support evidences and to generalize the same with ease. If a familiar example is added to supporting evidence, instructor may be able to get clearer picture of the subject matter under discussion. For instance, examples link facts and evidences with the background information of a piece of writing. Examples help the readers to get familiarized to the topic and it helps them to be acquainted with the writer’s/student’s ideas. If there is no example is attached with facts and evidences, the piece of writing becomes dull. This sort of unexpected dullness may distract the reader to consider that it is better to discard the piece of writing as a whole. A serious writer will show keen interest in adding facts, evidences and apt examples to the core of his or her writing because it enhances readability and attracts and sustains the reader’s attention. So, the aforementioned tips or ideas can support the central argument, students can follow the same, if needed.

4) Use a variety of examples in your essays:

Writing is one among the modes of communication by making use of language as a medium. Still, the person who is supposed to receive the message from the person who writes purposefully to communicate must be able to understand the message in the language which is used in the piece of writing. Totally confused? For example, here the person who writes this piece of writing depends upon English as a medium and the person who is supposed to read this is expected to know English. Then, communication will become easier because both the sender and the receiver know the basics of English language. But, why writers use examples in their writing? Writers use examples to provide the readers with clear picture of the subject matter under discussion. Examples related to the topic reduce ambiguity and helps the individual reader to ponder upon the topic.

There are so many linking words like ‘for instance’ and ‘namely’ to point out examples. Some writers use more polished linking words like ‘‘to illustrate’ to unleash their creative aspects of writing. One can see that examples help the writer to provide further information on the points described in a paper. On the other side, examples help the readers to have additional information on the topic under discussion. Still, it is advised to make use of examples in an informal manner to boost up the essence of the points under discussion. To be specific, there must be scope for an example to be projected in a paper. If not, examples become nuisance by distracting the readers from the main theme. In a nutshell, examples must be used to supplement ideas, not as fillers in voluminous form of writing.

The term ‘to give a clearer example’ can be used to supplement a scientific fact because all the readers might not be able to understand scientific facts in a glance. Besides, the aforementioned filler can be used to provide the reader with a clearer picture of the idea under discussion. The term ‘to illustrate’ is generally used to point out the relevance of some additional data or fact. The abovementioned term provides the writing with technical perfection because the same is proved to acceptance in the mainstream society. The term ‘such as’ is generally used to point out more than one points or facts related to the main point under discussion. Examples give accuracy to writing and the effort to describe something for more than one area in a piece of writing can result in repetition of similar points. When an example is used as filler or as a unit to add further information, communication becomes more effective, but with less effort. So, it is important to use examples because it adds technical perfection and accuracy to a piece of writing.

5) Create an essay with good logical structure

To create any type of essay, consisting of perfectly aligned logical structure, may not be nightmarish for a person with prior experience in the field of writing. Then, why most students provide less importance to provide logical structure to their essays? In fact, students are not experts in preparing essays, but less experienced individuals responsible to prepare essays for the sake of marks or grades. Within this scenario, students consider custom essay writing service as a benchmark of excellence. They never expect any sort of economic benefit or fame from their essays because their ultimate aim is different. Some students consider the process of preparing essays as a burden beyond their expertise or safe-zone. They know how to get prepared for exams because they are acquainted with the same from their primary classes itself. But they consider preparing essays as a different entity, apart from their curricular activities. If the student community is ready to change their point of view on preparing essays, they can easily prepare logically aligned essays.

The general format for any type of essay consists of an introductory section, main body including the main points and its description, and the concluding section. This general format can be further divided into different sections according to the type of essay to be prepared. In writing, there are two main methods, namely formal and informal methods of writing. Essays prepared by students come under the category of formal writing. For instance, evaluative method of essay writing primarily deals with a main problem to be solved, different ways solve the target problem, and conclusion of the main ideas and findings in brief. Most essays assigned to students come under this category because essays are used by instructors to measure students’ capacity to view a problem from different angles and to attain a general conclusion on their own.

Similarly, comparative method of essay writing is not that much different from that of evaluative, but it involves more than one topic or idea to be compared. One can see that comparison helps students to go deeper into the topic assigned for a proposed essay and to come up with their own ideas. It helps students to have basic knowhow on how to weigh the worth of topics or ideas from a critical view point. Within this scenario, students are not expected to be partial, but they are expected to make use of intelligence to compare different things or ideas. The basic structure of this type of essay writing method is formal because students are asked to compare, not to be creative. In short, logical structure can be inculcated into a piece of writing by adopting different methods, but the end result is expected to be logically aligned and well-structured essay.

6) How to make use of creativity while answering the question?

Creativity is unnatural and unusual anomaly, but everlasting entity stemming up from the human capacity to imagine and complete on the same. To be specific, creativity is the sublime aspect of imagination or the end product of contemplation and its expression in different forms of art. The words by the world renowned painter named as Pablo Picasso, “There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun”, proves that there is no limitation for imagination because it links the real and imaginary worlds. It is easier for writers and artists to inculcate imagination in their works because they can make use of individual liberty while choosing themes and its portrayal. They have freedom in every aspect of the expression of their creativity because there are no certain rules and regulations related to the expression of artistic creativity in different forms.

On the other side, students have less chance to express their creativity because classroom instruction and related activities are interconnected with syllabus and curriculum. If they try to go beyond their syllabus, the same can force them to undergo disciplinary measures. So, students must be ready to realize the fact that they can make use of their creativity, but within limited space of syllabus and curriculum. For instance, a student who is trying to pursue his or her degree in Science cannot depend upon creativity because scientific experimentation needs technical perfection not the capacity to imagine and to express the same in different forms of creativity. So, instructors expect technically perfect answers from their students because there are certain guidelines for grading and awarding marks, and instructors are responsible to follow the same without failure.

Still, students can make use of their creativity while trying to dealing with the process of answering different questions within the scenario of education. One can see that the process of teaching-learning cannot become successful or effective without making use of creativity. Students can easily depend upon creativity while dealing with questions. For instance, mastery over the target language used as a medium of communication is enough for students to answer in different ways. Mere technical perfection and proper usage of grammar cannot help a student to score high marks and grades, but a tint of imagination and creativity can. To be specific, instructors are aware of the fact that technically perfect papers can help students to score high. Still, instructors expect something beyond technical perfection and the same is generally termed as the proper combination of imagination and creativity. So, students must be ever ready to inculcate creativity within their completed papers and it can help them to go beyond the limits of technically perfect papers in general.

7) Instructions to demonstrate clear and consistent essays:

Consistency in writing cannot be achieved by all because human emotionality is not a static entity. When a person feels cheerful, he or she involves in different activities including leisure time activities and hobbies. This involvement is related to one’s choice and individual interest. On the other side, those who consider writing more than a tiresome effort, but as a private interest, deeply involves in the process of contemplation and writing. Still, hesitation to write affects consistency in writing. For instance, some globally acclaimed writers quit writing for years and return to writing when they feel okay. Custom essay writing service deals with the technical and creative aspects of writing, making use of the Web as an innovative medium. Inner urge to write varies among individuals because one’s attitude towards writing determines the productivity. So, it is difficult to sustain momentum in writing and it affects consistency. When a writer is forced to undergo certain emotional imbalance related domestic or public issues, his or her literary productivity become inconsistent.

Still, there are several ideas to sustain consistency in writing and to produce clearer and effective literary works. Some ideas related to literary productivity and consistency are mentioned under.

  • Planning: In fact, planning determines output in every walk of life, and it can be applied to the scenario of writing in a clearer and consistent manner. Writer must be able to identify and plan each and every aspect of the proposed piece of writing.
  • Introduction: This part, adopted from the draft, must consist of a thesis statement or the main argument of the piece of writing. Unless, readers may not be able to identify the writer’s aim. Writers usually depend upon introductions to provide general and background information on the target topic under discussion.
  • Main body: This section can be further divided into different headings related to the topic under discussion. Writers usually show interest in describing the main points, arguments, counter-arguments with examples in this section. Main body is expected to be lengthy because it consists of the core aspect of a piece of writing.
  • Topic sentence: It is essential to include topic sentences within the beginning of each paragraph. This helps readers to have bird’s eye view on the topic under discussion in each paragraph. For instance, topic sentences in a voluminous piece of writing are most helpful for referencing purposes. This is helpful for students and researchers who face limitation in time due to workload.
  • Linking words: Students can use linking words in their writings to construct effective sentences and to link one sentence with another, without disregarding the continuity of the piece of writing as a whole.
  • Conclusion: Conclusion can be used to sustain consistency in writing because almost all the topics under discussion come under this section in a nutshell.
  • Referencing & Appendices: These parts are generally considered as the offshoots of the central elements of a piece of writing. To be specific, these parts are evidences of the writer’s effort research and data collection.

8) Use the guidelines to diagnose and improve your writing

Virginia Woolf, in her famous literary work named as A Room of One's Own, opined about the importance of contemplation related to imagination in writing as, “Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind”. Whether in traditional or modern form of education, writing is integral because it amalgamates different skills into a single unit. Traditional mode of education provided more importance to exercises related to the process of writing and it was utmost helpful for student community to develop writing skills. Now, writing with pen is gradually losing its importance because assignments are prepared as Word.doc and directly uploaded to instructors. This cannot be considered as negative mode of development in the field of education because the world is moving forward and students are the catalysts of future development.

The first step to improve one’s writing skills is to diagnose the main problem related to ineffective writing. After completing a piece of writing, students can seek help from teachers, experts in the field, parents, and classmates to diagnose its main defects. One can see that experts in the field of writing can easily identify the main defects and can provide the student with valuable advices and opinions related to remedial measures to rectify the defects. The aforementioned step is vital because it is difficult to improve writing without identifying or diagnosing the defects. Diagnosis is similar to the process of consulting a doctor to identify an illness and diagnosing the reason behind the same.

After identifying the reasons behind the poor quality of writing, student can adopt certain measures to improve the quality of writing. First step or the effort of gain basic knowledge in grammatical rules cannot be implemented with ease because it can only be acquired by indulging in the process of writing and rectifying mistakes, if any. First of all, it is essential for a writer to prepare an outline before starting the process of writing. To be specific, an outline is a guideline to complete a piece of writing with ease. It helps the writer to know what he or she is going to do. The next idea is to choose apt words to portray the real sense of the ideas accumulated in the writer’s mind. Vocabulary is essential to overcome the problems related to the inefficiency to choose apt words and usages and to make use of the same in different sentences. The writer must to find apt points to prove the points related to the main argument or the main theme of the proposed piece of writing. The final idea or point helpful to improve one’s writing is to have technical knowhow on the preparation of apt conclusions by adding the main points and findings. The aforementioned ideas and points can be used to diagnose and to take apt measures to improve one’s writing and related skills.

9) 5 incredible writing tips to raise your essay score:

One can see that complexity originating from big words is a serious problem faced by student community and their instructors. Students consider that bog words can transform their assignments to perfection. To be specific, students go through the works by eminent critics and consider the usage of big and complex words can help them to score high grades and marks. Critics make use of complex usages and pedantic words in their works because criticism is a serious business to deal with. But students consider that this is the right way to prepare their assignments in different forms. This is totally wrong because instructors expect papers prepared in simple sentences with less complexity. Apart from adding big words and complex structure, there several other ways to add perfection and increase essay score. Among these ways, 5 ideas or ways are discussed below.

Firstly, student/writer must try to avoid complex and ambiguous words and usages, and try to include simple and meaningful words. This can help the readers to go through the content of the piece of writing with ease. To be specific, simple form of writing is acceptable for all because it is easier to understand. Secondly, usage of active voice is suitable for writing because it provides importance to the writer’s words in active form. For instance, readers can feel that the writer is speaking directly to him or her. On the other side, writer can make use of active voice to create direct mode of communication with the reader. But it is difficult to use active voice in all sentences and paragraphs. Still, writers try to maintain consistency in using active voice because it is easier to include.

Thirdly, short paragraphs can sustain the reader’s attention and can lead the reader to other paragraphs. If the writer tries to create long paragraphs by linking more than one sentence in a row, readers may lose attention and quit the process of reading in general. Short paragraphs are can reduce confusion because it is difficult to grasp the essence of a long sentence in a glance. Fourthly, rambling or beating around the bush without touching the main theme is to be avoided because it may distract readers from reading. Some writers consider rambling as additional information or background information on the main theme, but in actual sense, the same creates unexpected troubles for writers and readers. Fifthly, editing can elevate an average piece of writing to the status of an excellent piece of writing. Students can depend upon editing to raise their essay score. Besides, thorough editing can help a student to keep away from revisions. So, students can adopt the aforementioned tips to raise their essay scores and to gain high grades or marks.

10) Take the time to plan your points:

Once, Dwight D. Eisenhower pinpointed the importance of time element as: “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable”. Students develop and adopt different ideas to save time and complete their assignments within proposed deadlines. Some among the ideas as pointed out and discussed below.

  • Students try to understand the essence of the question related to an assignment. One can see that students read the question and try to connect the same with their knowledge in the particular field of knowledge. This step helps them to have deeper understanding and insight in the form of value points to ponder upon.
  • Write down the main topic and develop a thesis question containing the main argument. This is the most important step to be adopted the student or writer because thesis question determines the effectiveness of the piece of writing. Students can make use of the topic as the crude form of the proposed thesis question.
  • Take enough time to conduct research by preparing apt keywords, choosing the relevance of the topic under discussion. Students can take enough time to prepare for research because research is most helpful to identify the value points to be developed and used and to note down points.
  • Students can depend upon text books and related reference books to have keywords and value points. One can see that instructors never assign any topic without any relationship with curriculum and syllabus. Students are responsible to identify this relationship on their own and make use of the same in the proposed piece of writing.
  • If one is able to identify the relevance of the topic under discussion, one can easily link the same with teaching-learning within classroom environment. To be specific, instructors expect their students to develop research skills and to identify the relationship between the subject and the assigned paper.
  • Brainstorming can be helpful for students to identify value points on their own. If one allows mind to settle down for a while and to come up with innovative ideas. But it is better to limit the process of brainstorming within the subject related to classroom instruction. If not, the whole process will become time-consuming, but fruitless.
  • After preparing keywords, conducting research, and identifying value points, students can continue search for quotes. One can see that in-text citation and referencing add technical perfection to a piece of writing in any form. If the instructor insists that there is no need to include references, it is better to limit the research within value points. If not, students can make use of the keywords for further research aiming to identify apt in-texts.

11) Brush up on your academic vocabulary and use it properly:

Vocabulary is important for any person who attempts to have mastery over any language. For instance, vocabulary helps a child to communicate with its parents and to extend communication beyond its private domain. The Canadian writer named as James Nicoll pointed out the importance of vocabulary in English as, “We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary”. So, a student cannot ignore words gained from textbooks, classroom environment and communication with peers, instructors and others because it enriches his or her vocabulary. One can see that vocabulary helps an individual to communicate without any interruption. There are several steps and ideas to be adopted to improve one’s vocabulary, and some among those steps and ideas are pointed out and described below.

Learn: Students acquire new words and meaning from daily conversation and from textbooks. Language teachers show keen interest in helping their students to learn new words and related meanings because they know that the same can help their students to enrich their vocabulary. Similarly, students acquire new words and its meaning while trying to prepare their assignments. Besides, they go through thesauruses, dictionaries and word games to keep in touch with new words and related usages. It is interesting to know the meaning and origin of words. International languages like English acquire new words and usages from other languages. For instance, one can see that the languages like Latin, German and French deeply influence English and there are several words in English with origin in the aforementioned languages. New words are coined to English from other languages because the same is an international language with extensive popularity in different continents.

Synonym: Some students follow the traditional way of writing by using familiar words, without providing any importance to synonyms. On the other side, some other students search for new words and use the same as synonyms in their writing. Those who follow traditional way of writing may not be able to learn new words because they show less interest in searching for and making use of synonyms in their writings. Those who depend upon computers to complete their assignments can find out and use synonyms because it is inbuilt in ‘Microsoft Word’. Most students prepare their assignments in simple sentences. While proofreading or editing, they search for apt synonyms and use the same in their writings. When one is using synonym for a particular word, he or she is learning a new word with different meanings. When one notices a new word, one must be ready to learn its meaning and keep it in memory. This can help to use the word in different contexts. The aforementioned ideas can help any student to learn new words and enrich his or her vocabulary in the target language.

12) Need advice on your essay writing practice:

Planning is an essential factor in completing different task in life. Still, mere planning without proper execution and evaluation of the end result will not bring forth success or victory as the end product. While preparing essays, outline can be considered as a plan to prepare an effective essay. Still, most students prepare plans and fail to execute the same in proper way and get entrapped in revisions. So, proper structure or plan is important to have sharp idea on what one is preparing to do and its end result in general.

After completing an assignment, students tend to submit the same without identifying any mistake or making any correction. This may happen due to workload because almost all the teachers assign works to their students. One can see that custom essay writing service can act an important role in saving students from workload. Still, it is not worthless to use half an hour or so to go through a completed paper, identify the errors, and to rectify the same. An edited assignment can help a student to score high because teachers admire perfect papers. They know the caliber of each student, but editing can help students to prepare best papers.

Attempting to complete a piece of writing with less practice in writing cannot help one to prepare an effective paper. Reading is essential to have deeper knowledge in a subject, but it cannot help one to prepare an effective paper. So as to gain mastery over the process of writing, one must be ready to write. This readiness determines the success of the proposed piece of writing. Each and every skill is developed with the help of proper practice and it can be applied in writing. Before appearing for an examination, students can practice by going thorough ‘mock-exams’ by choosing questions from previous year’s question papers. This idea can help a student to know that learning and writing are not similar processes, but are linked with each other in the form or regular writing practice.

13) Memorize and identify the persuasive techniques:

If a student is able to memorize his or her lessons by making use of persuasive techniques, that student can be the instructor’s pet with ease. But mere memorization cannot bring forth academic excellence in the form or grades or marks. Instead, the student must be able to reproduce the memorized areas in the form of answers. If not, memorization becomes just mimicking the lessons by depending upon one’s memory skill. There are several tricks and ideas adopted by students to memorize their lessons, some are mentioned and discussed below.

Linking: Students make use of this method to link different points under a specific topic. This method helps students to link different points like a chain. Some students use unusual images in their minds to link different points and to memorize it. One can see that human mind captures unusual images and ideas with ease, but shows the tendency to discard usual images and ideas. This technique can be easily adopted to link and memorize two dissimilar things.

Story: If one is asked to memorize several points and reproduce it after limited time period, it is better to make use of story technique for memorization. First of all, collect all the points and tabulate the same in the form of a chain. Then, try to find out the connection among the different points. After finding out the connection, student can create an imaginary stories related to the points. The next step is to memorize the story in visual format in one’s mind. This method is most helpful for students to memorize formulas and lengthy essays containing a number of points. If comical and absurd images are used to memorize, the process of memorization and its reproduction become more effective.

14) Following the general instructions given by the instructor:

When general instruction is provided with a proposed piece of writing, the student is expected to follow the same without failure. First of all, student must show readiness to perceive the objective and follow the guidelines related to it. Instructors formulate guidelines for a proposed essay by preparing a blue-print or essential points and elements to be included in an essay. To be specific, instructors check the completed papers by making use of the blue-print as a yardstick. If the essential elements and points in the blue-print are seen in the proposed piece of writing, student may get comparatively high marks or scores. So, it is essential for students to consider the guidelines as most important while preparing a piece of writing.

General instructions related to assignments in different forms may consist of:

  • An introduction must contain background information on the target topic.
  • Writer is expected to include a thesis statement or research question to put forth the main argument.
  • Writer must make use of the main body to prove the argument by describing main points, facts, and suitable examples.
  • Writer can add suitable in-text citations related to the prescribed textbooks, syllabus, and from other sources.
  • Writer must conclude the piece of writing by preparing a concluding part consisting of the main points, findings, thesis in restated form, and general conclusion.
  • The works used for research purpose and in-text citation must be included in the references/works cited/bibliography section.
  • If needed, there must be an appendices section consisting of charts, figures, diagrams etc. and references to the same must be included within the completed paper.
  • After completing the paper, writer must edit the same by identifying typos and grammatical errors.
  • Writer is expected to run plagiarism test because this can keep the paper free from copying from other sources without proper references.

15) Keep your essay organized:

Cynthia Ozick, the renowned author from America, once disclosed her opinion on essay writing as: “In an essay, you have the outcome in your pocket before you set out on your journey, and very rarely do you make an intellectual or psychological discovery”. A perfectly organized essay is like a well-knit dress-visually and sensually appealing to soul. From a different angle of view, students can go through different websites related to custom essay writing service, and can have a peep into perfectly organized essays. Apart from fiction, an essay’s end is predictable because the thesis statement or argument provides the readers with glimpses into the main body. So, it is easier to prepare a perfectly organized essay because technical perfection added with aesthetic elements can bring forth the same with ease.

For instance, students can depend upon Climatic pattern, or the idea to prepare an essay by choosing least important point and elevating the process of writing to most important point. In this pattern of organized essays, one can see that the same can easily grab and sustain the reader’s attention because points are organized in a suitable manner in which the writer shows keen interest to think from the reader’s side. To be specific, readers expect interesting information in the opening of an essay. When the reader is totally immersed in the process of reading, more important facts are displayed to sustain the interest in reading.

Reverse pattern is another idea to organize an essay. This pattern is the reversed from of Climatic pattern. For instance, most important points are displayed in the opening part or the body of a proposed piece of writing. One can see that journalist depend upon this pattern to attract the readers. But it is difficult to make use of this pattern while preparing essays for educational purposes because it can distract the individual reader’s attention in general. Summing up, the above mentioned patterns/methods of organizing essays can help a writer or student to taste success in preparing essays because instructors never neglect technically perfect essays added with a little bit of imagination and creativity.